biobank accessibility

Biobank Accessibility

To access the cells in our BioBank and speak about our biobank accessibility, reach out and discuss your needs with our team.

Our cells can be made available for many applications across basic research and commercial applications within the realms of MedTech, R&D and biomarker applications. We are open to discussing all opportunities for non-exclusive access to our biobank samples and data under straightforward standard terms and conditions, ensuring biobank accessibility.

Cells can be provided as frozen samples of low passage cells, ready to be grown in your own laboratory or used to generate your own cell-derived products and services. We are developing additional cells to generate resistance in particular phenotypes, which will be suitable for studying candidates for reversal of resistance as well as providing harder-to-treat samples.

Should you find yourself without the necessary facilities, rest assured that the team at Inaphaea possesses the scientific expertise, facilities, and capabilities to support your projects. We not only provide access to our biobank but also extend our knowledge and resources to assist you in achieving your research goals.

Our licenses come with an allocation of technical support included, and our scientists are available to provide advice on your experiments.