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Translational drug development testing services

Inaphaea provides testing services that generate the necessary data, analysis and insights to aid decision making in translational drug development. As well as providing pre-validated assays, our team can work closely with you to develop and validate bespoke assays to your exact specifications.

Cancer cell assays

Cancer Cell Assays

Inaphaea is continuously validating cancer cell assays to measure cytotoxicity, cell metabolism and apoptosis markers against commercially available APIs.

Please contact us if you don’t see details for your experiment here.



Our immunoassays are ideal for elucidating MoAs of phenotypic effects by measuring a range of standard cytokines and signalling proteins from cells under stimulation conditions. More assays are being validated, so check back for further details.

Biological Modelling and Advanced Statistical Analysis - Inaphaea and Physiomics

Biological Modelling and Advanced Statistical Analysis

Provided by our collaboration partner Physiomics, data generated by Inaphaea may be seamlessly integrated into the Physiomics modelling capability for advanced data interpretation.

Pre-Formulation and Formulation Development

Provided by our collaboration partner Agility Life Sciences, formulation development may be seamlessly integrated into Inaphaea’s cell based assays. Enabling confirmation that your molecule is appropriate for our studies; and confirming that your new formulation remains bioactive.

Enzyme Assays

Provided by our collaboration partner, Inspiralis, access easy-to-use assay kits and their contract research services to study DNA-modifying enzyme activity. These services include compound screening (hit identifications), IC50s to evaluate the outcomes of hit-to-lead and lead optimisation endeavours, mode of action studies and custom protein production.

AI toxicity prediction

Ignota Labs specialises in drug toxicity prediction using AI. Their services combine the best of technology and people with expert scientists operating world-leading AI tools. Their tools provide complex machine-learning outputs, which are distilled by expert scientists into powerful insights and guidance to support your drug discovery programme.

In-Vitro Liver Cell Assays

Our collaboration partner DefiniGEN can provide technology to revolutionise liver models for efficacy and toxicology screening, utilising a platform that enables the large-scale generation of hepatocyte-like cells (Opti-Heps) with functional relevance comparable to human primary cells.