AI Toxicity Prediction

AI toxicity prediction - Inaphaea BioLabs and Ignota Labs

Ignota Labs specialises in AI toxicity prediction. Their services combine the best of technology and people with expert scientists operating world-leading AI tools. Their tools provide complex machine-learning outputs, which are distilled by expert scientists into powerful insights and guidance to support your drug discovery programme.

Ignota Labs can help you to:

  • Proactively optimise away from safety liabilities. Check your compounds for toxicity problems early on and improve your chances of successful clinical translation later.
  • Support in-licensing of new assets. Review inbound projects for risks and liabilities to help support negotiations and set appropriate prices.
  • Rescue assets with safety problems. Deep analysis to find the root cause, identify better chemistry and optimise for safe and efficacious drugs.

Their offering includes:

  • TOXSCAPE is a suite of models to predict the off-target toxicity liability of compounds. It provides relevant and useful insights about compound toxicity to help you make better design decisions by analysing the compound from structural and physicochemical perspectives.
  • CELLSCAPE can identify your drug target from the proteome. Ittraverses 15,000 molecular targets to generate ranked hypotheses for potential on- and off-targets of a given novel compound. It contains human, rate, mouse and dog targets.
  • GENESCAPE can identify your mechanism of action/toxicity. It is a causal reasoning engine which takes transcriptional data and identifies the pathway on which your compound is acting. It does this by analysing networks of protein:protein and protein:gene interactions.

Ignota Labs has proprietary datasets combining literature data with novel data from biotechnology and pharma partners. All the data is extensively cleaned and amalgamated to perform better than any model before.

Gain insights into your drug discovery programs. Contact to find out more about AI toxicity prediction.