Custom immunoassay service development

In addition to our pre-validated models, our custom services for immunoassays include development, qualification and validation of custom assays to meet your requirements.

Inaphaea are experts in developing custom immunoassays based on hormones and cytokines for new therapies in women’s health.

Types of assays include: 

  • Measurement of hormones or cytokines released by cells on stimulation.
  • Measurement of cellular activity or proliferation on hormonal stimulation. Our scientists are continuously validating immunoassays, varying test stimulants, cell types and measured antigens. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

Our Process

An important element of our overall service delivery is our direct-to-scientist communication access. As an extension of your research team, we aim to make interaction easy from the outset of the project through to completion.

For custom assay development we will work closely with you to meet your exact specifications.

Once the experiment is complete, our scientists can discuss the data as required and provide recommendations of next steps.