Inaphaea BioLabs enters into agreement with OncoBone

Inaphaea BioLabs has entered into an agreement with virtual CRO services company, OncoBone Limited, to allow the use by clients of OncoBone services provided by Inaphaea BioLabs.

OncoBone offers a service to virtual biotech and other biopharma clients whereby OncoBone designs and commissions pre-clinical work on behalf of the client.  To conduct the laboratory work, OncoBone engages with a range of pre-clinical Contract Research Organisations to execute on the experimental designs that OncoBone has developed.  Inaphaea is now confirmed as an OncoBone supplier of cell-based assays.

Additionally, Inaphaea is pleased to report that the cell-based assay services are now listed on scientist.com, a database of CROs that can be used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to search for scientific capabilities.

“This operational update demonstrates the progress made by Inaphaea towards generating contract revenues. We’re particularly excited by the prospect of working with OncoBone due to the innovative nature of their Virtual CRO service.”

Dr Suzy Dilly, ValiRx CEO

For more information about the Inaphaea and OncoBone agreement announcement, click here.