PDCs in the Inaphaea laboratory

Inaphaea wins contract with US biotech

Inaphaea BioLabs is pleased to confirm the execution of a revenue-bearing contract for the provision of patient derived oncology cell (PDC) based services with a US biotech company. 

The contract is a multi-stage project and encompasses analysis and provision of RNA data, acquired as part of the scientific package from Imagen Therapeutics, in addition to bespoke cell-based screening in the laboratory.  This initial phase of work will commence immediately, and the project is structured to build a long-term working relationship with the client with scope to include potential future material revenue generation.

US biotech market

Andrew Carnegie, Head of Strategic Commercial Development at Inaphaea, commented: “It’s encouraging to have secured this contract in the exciting area of immuno-oncology, which will be a great opportunity to showcase our skills and leveraging our PDCs in this area. 

“The US biotech market is a strong location to seek clients for Inaphaea and this contract is a positive step towards establishing our brand in further geographical regions.”

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